New Ivy Baby scent. #chubbsbars
New Ivy Baby scent. #chubbsbars


I’m so excited about the new Chubbs Bars signature scent, Ivy Baby. Ever since I picked up Trazarra I’ve Been Travelin’ (aka Ivy) in early January at LAX after her long trip from Victoria, Australia by way of Brisbane, I have had my sights set on a signature scent for Ms. Ivy. I wanted something that would be perfect for puppies and kittens – something soft, light, delicate and sweet. Ivy Baby is just that! It reminds me of baby powder and has such a softness to it.

I’ll be showing Ivy beginning in mid-March as we head to Atlanta for her first cat show ever. She’ll still be in kitten class, which I look forward to. It’s been a very long time since I’ve shown a Persian kitten. Ivy will be presented at her first cat show¬†freshly bathed in her own signature scent Chubbs Bar. How cool is that?!

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