Attract ideal clients
with a message that sells

Marketing and Consulting Services
for the Small Business Owner

Boost Revenue

Improve efficiency

Free Up Your Time

When your message isn't clear, you lose sales.
When your message speaks to the wrong market, you lose sales.

Stop trying to guess how to fix it.
This wastes time and money. This leaves you feeling frustrated.
Meanwhile, the competition keeps getting your customers.

Here's how I help you boost your revenue:



During our initial 30-minute phone call I will learn more about your business and analyze your current website and marketing strategy. Then I’ll let you know exactly how I can help you reach your goals.

This is where you start to get excited because you’ve finally found the solution.



We will have a strategy session where I’ll create simple, clear messaging that represents your business really well. From there I will create a designer-ready wireframe of your website and a marketing plan with sales funnel automation, all delivered in a nice package.

This is when you get to stop thinking about your marketing problems.



You will attract more of your ideal clients/customers with a compelling message that grabs attention and can be used across all marketing platforms regardless of the size of your business or your team. Score!

This is where you wonder what to do with all that time you’ve just freed up!

I promise to treat your business like it's my business.

I will use the same marketing strategies I have used to generate millions of dollars of revenue while creating a niche industry with global reach.

I know what it’s like to throw money at marketing and hope it works.
There’s a lot of trial and error in that. The cost is time, money and lost revenue. And everyday that cost gets bigger.

I use a proven method for clarifying your brand message so it becomes more compelling.
I’ve seen it work wonders for my own businesses so I know it can work for you, too!

Internationally Known Speaker

I speak at events around the world, teaching business owners marketing principles that work.

20+ Years Experience

I have been using my current marketing strategies to grow businesses in both local and international market places.

I have been a guest on Amy Porterfield's top-ranked podcast "Online Marketing Made Easy" and other podcasts.

"Working with Danelle is so easy! It’s a streamlined process that produces consistently powerful results!"

When I obtained coaching from Danelle she helped me establish a brand story for my business. Prior to that, I had been struggling to develop a concise, consistent message to communicate my services, either in person or through marketing collateral. Interestingly, at the time, I didn't even realize how much work my message needed. Now it is much easier to communicate with prospective clients because I have this concise story to tell, and I know exactly how they fit into that story. This is a game-changer!
Kelcie Brown
Business Owner
I have operated my own business since 2012. My website was just to look at. Working with Danelle has been amazing. She Created a new build for my website that clarifies what I do. Now my website is WORKING for me. Danelle also created a sales funnel so I can talk to clients that just aren’t sure they want to hire me. I can spend more time doing what makes money. Within 3 days of being live I have new clients calling and texting to hire my services!!!! Hands down best money my business has invested in.
Jacque O
Business Owner

It Is Possible To:

LOVE Your Message

Having clear, consistent messaging across all marketing platforms makes things super simple for you and your team. You always know what to say and
when to say it.

LOVE Your Website

Having a website you love to show off makes you feel proud, especially when it's a perfect reflection of your mission and all the hard work you've put in to get where you are.

LOVE Your Life

Having a simple marketing strategy in place and automation to generate more leads and sales means you can spend your time on the things you want to do.

What does it cost to keep doing what you're doing?

Lost revenue. Missed opportunities. Wasted money.

My goal is to help you wade through all the clutter and get to the real heart of your business mission.
Then, put that down on paper and create a simple story that can be told by you, your team, your website,
and all of your marketing collateral.

This story will draw in your ideal client because it speaks to their aspirations, empathizes with their frustrations, and provides a solution they want (need) to buy. 

I have done this for my own businesses. 
It is a wonderfully freeing process!

And best of all, it will allow your business to grow to its full potential! 

I look forward to working with you.

Danelle German

Discover the 5 things you need on your website to attract more clients and sell more stuff. Download the PDF now!

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