Bio and Headshot

Formerly a stay-at-home mom homeschooling her 5 children, Danelle German, acquired a show quality Persian cat as a pet. After venturing out to her first cat show on a whim (and losing terribly), she set out to master the art of show grooming in an effort to win. After much success in the show ring, she started grooming cats for local owners at the behest of her vet. This exploded into a lucrative feline-exclusive grooming business in Simpsonville, SC. 

Along the way, Danelle and her husband invented a patented drying system that is now sold worldwide. Later, after seeing a tremendous need for cat groomer training and certification, Danelle started the world’s first feline-exclusive membership based organization and began to travel and speak at events around the world. She wrote several books and articles, appeared on TV and in various newspapers and magazines. In addition, Danelle was invited to be a part of the prestigious Wahl Elite Groom Team.

In 2013, prior to a 3-week speaking tour in Australia, Danelle developed an organic pet shampoo bar called Chubbs Bars. She was determined to fill this hole in the industry, making such a product readily available to her international customer base.  Chubbs Bars now boasts global distribution in the most competitive market in the pet grooming industry. 

Throughout these endeavors, Danelle discovered how much she truly loved marketing. Without excellent marketing strategies in place, none of the above ventures would have ever succeeded.  (Seriously, cat grooming? Think about it.)

Today Danelle no longer shows or grooms cats, but instead works as a business consultant offering strategies and brand messaging services to clients both in and out of the pet industry.