Danelle has worked with hundreds of pet grooming professionals and business owners to help them solve specific business-related issues, turning weak areas into strengths as well as setting realistic goals and making them a reality.

In 2017, this type of coaching led to the formation of a group Business Intensive program that is now offered privately to individuals that need a gentle (but also firm) “kick in the butt” to identify clear and productive goals and create doable steps to reach those goals. In addition, the program provides some accountability, inspiration, and a very clear, laser-focused vision for how to take things to the next level. While the original Business Intensive was exclusively for CFMGs (Certified Feline Master Groomers), Danelle has since opened up the program to include non-CFMGs.

Each Business Intensive program runs for a period of 2 months unless a more customized program is necessary for a particular individual.

The program runs only twice annually and is limited to 4 people at a time.

There is a cost, of course. The instruction and information is productive, exclusive, valuable, and personalized to YOU!

What the program includes:

  • One 90-minute phone or webconference coaching session with Danelle
  • Exclusive access to Danelle throughout the 1-month “Intensive” timeframe
  • Pricing and service delivery strategies to free up your time and boost your income
  • Assistance identifying the key factors you wish to change
  • Goal setting – both short term and long term
  • Development of an action-based plan to reach goals
  • Assistance with developing healthy policies
  • Advice and methods for injecting more balance into your life
  • Sharing of documents and other helpful aids as needed
  • Targeted training for specific business growth opportunities
  • Continued access to the project management board created for your Intensive.

Bonus item:

  • Admission to “Transform Your Life” online course and private FB group

Additional items are included with the Business Intensive for NCGI Approved Trainers and Remote Certifiers (both new and existing). Find out more here.

To apply for participation in the next Business Intensive program, simply submit the form below. Please note that should you not be contacted for inclusion in the upcoming Business Intensive, your application will be saved for possible inclusion in a future program.  Space is very limited to allow for customized attention given to each Intensive student.

If your application is selected, Danelle will contact you by email to schedule a brief phone interview (or online video chat if you are located outside the USA), if desired. The purpose of the initial interview is to be sure the program is something you can truly benefit from as well as give you a chance to ask any questions you may have. (Interview is optional. Most just want to jump in.)

During the phone interview, you will need to be prepared to make the decision to join the Business Intensive program or not. If you elect to take advantage of this unique opportunity, 3 things will then happen right away:

1. An email invoice will be sent for the cost of the intensive.
2. The first web conference session will be scheduled at a time that suits you.
3. An online project board will be created for you with initial tasks set up to get things started.

Be sure to check out the testimonials below from former Biz Intensive students!

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Click here to receive full details on the Business Intensive for existing and new NCGI Approved Trainers and Remote Certifiers.

Click here to receive full details on the Business Intensive for non-CFMGs and non-Trainers and Certifiers.

Want to hear Danelle German’s interview by Amy Porterfield on her top-ranked podcast? You can get a glimpse of what Danelle has created over the past two decades using the same business principles and goal setting techniques she shares with her students in the Business Intensive program.
Listen to the podcast here.

Words from some past Business Intensive students:

Sarah says….. I can testify that this course totally changed the mindset I had
around my business. It helped me to set realistic goals to work towards and in the 6 months since completing it, I have far exceeded them.

Being able to work one on one with someone who has been there, done that is such a valuable tool to have for any entrepreneur, cat groomer or not.

I recommend it to anyone who wants to get the most out of their business and live their best life.”

Sarah Warner
Aristocats Feline Day Spa
Brisbane, Aus

Connie says……….“As a busy owner of three grooming related businesses and an entrepreneur at heart, one is often under pressure to produce more results with fewer resources.The key to successful strategies is working smarter, not harder, and arming yourself with the latest business strategies, and tools to address the many challenges that come your way. Danelle’s Business Intensive accomplished this goal, but before I share my review, I have to clarify that even before this course, I had already strategically zoned in on Danelle and her practices in the cat grooming world (years ago). They say everyone should have a mentor, and for myself, it’s Danelle. The connection was instant the first time I heard her speak when I recognized her business savvy and ethics were in line with what I wanted to create in my business world. Danelle and her Business Intensive took my learnings to an entirely new level.Danelle worked one-on-one with me to focus on my clientele needs, and what I wanted to achieve in my business- my “end game.” One of my goals was to share the news about my registered vocational grooming school; Apex Academy of Professional Grooming & Animal Arts, at conferences in both US and Canada.With her assistance, I have presented in Pasadena at the Groom West Expo, and I am scheduled to speak at the Toronto Grooming Show in July, and Mastergroom Canada in September.I also had the excellent opportunity to join Danelle in an online webinar through the National Cat Groomers Institute.I can never thank Danelle enough for all she has contributed to my business knowledge.I left this intensive re-energized and organized to attack my business challenges with renewed vigor and new tools for success.Thank you, Danelle, immensely!I highly recommend this course to anyone who seriously wants new strategies and direction on how to take their present business to a positive, successful new level.”

Connie Buchanan, CFMG, Certifier for NCGI
Owner of Apex Academy
Owner of Zoom Zoom Groom
Owner of PreZoomably Cats

River says………“Coming into Danelle German’s business intensive I had a lot of my own business experience.I had been a manager of a doggy daycare, run a successful grooming salon with multiple employees and had become the one woman show of a feline exclusive mobile business.I made it a point to read books, listen to podcasts, take seminars and webinars.I knew the best business people are always learning, and I had the opportunity to learn from one of our industry’s best business moguls.I was excited to dive deep into more specialized training, especially since I was surrounded by like-minded groomers who were ready to take on the industry as well.  

I participated in a small group Business Intensive where I ‘met’ a woman who owned a grooming school in Canada, when she spoke I learned things from a very different perspective, which was invaluable.  Another woman owned a successful mobile business with a growing family. I wanted to have more children so hearing another ambitious mom helped make me feel more secure.  Everyone in this group was ready for some momentum which allowed the free flow of ideas to grow us all.  Danelle gave all of us workbooks that allowed us to write down what our goals were and how best to achieve them. During our group calls we, as a group, discussed the best ways to achieve them.  Danelle made it a point to let things roll when they needed and to guide them back to focus when we all had a ‘squirrel’ moment.  

My main flaw as an entrepreneur is that I am a “squirrel” kind of person, I find myself chasing white rabbits down holes that don’t lead to where I want to go in life.  As an entrepreneur I seemed to always to be building a business, getting bored, and moving on to the next.  I love growing and learning. Once the lesson is learned I want to take my experience to climb the next mountain.  One thing I had never really digested before Danelle German’s business intensive was, where do I want to go, how do I get there and what is it that I want.  I knew I was a fantastic cat groomer, having my CFMG was a great honor.  I knew I was great at running and starting businesses.  Maybe I should start a cat grooming studio to do PPI or do seminars teaching cat grooming.  I dug deeper, what was I passionate about?  

It felt silly at first to reflect in these invaluable workbook sheets I received during this business intensive, but it pushed my life in a different direction.  What I was passionate about, I discovered, was my industry and helping people get out of their financial struggles.  I won’t go into much detail, but I was homeless when I was pregnant with my son. I opened my grooming salon 4 days before he was born.  In 5 years we bought a home, I went mobile so we could spend weekends together, and I could be the mom he deserved.  I wanted to lead others down that path, and Danelle saw that passion. Even though I think it was something neither of us expected in a pet grooming industry business intensive she was still able to guide me.  

With Danelle’s instruction and coaching I created a webinar, “How Can I Afford This,” which provides guidance in how to break down small goals to achieve things like the NCGI’s cat grooming syllabus, something that I had used to in order to become a CFMG.  Becoming a CFMG allowed me to charge $110-$165 on monthly mobile cat clients. It allowed me to work less than full time hours for full time pay.   The webinar went well, and I launched a pet grooming finance blog and started focusing on creating my next adventure- online courses for Pet Groomer Personal Finance.

I know my experience in the business intensive was slightly different than the other rockstar entrepreneurs.  Even though my ultimate journey led me down another path, I found the information Danelle German provided, guided, and facilitated invaluable.  Learning new tools like Asana for her to break down my goals, having face-to-face webconference coaching calls with the group…..all of this lead to building confidence, trust and clarity.  

For those interested in growing their business, especially those interested in cat grooming and teaching others, this is an absolute must.  For those who may find their dreams taking them down unexpected paths in the grooming industry I want to promise you Danelle German will give you a dose of reality, challenging you to be the best you can be and ultimately inspire you.”
River Lee, CFMG
Owner of Savvy Groomer Financial Coaching
Owner of Rhode Island Cat Grooming

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