Road to Recovery – GOAL!

When I started this 30-day run challenge, there were icicles hanging off my patio furniture. Tonight in the dark, as I hammered out the final strides of 30 consecutive days of running, the air was balmy and breezy. A new season has unfolded in the midst of logging 41.5 miles on the soles of my Reeboks. I am happy to say that I have reached my goal. I feel accomplished.

Now, to set a new goal. I’m thinking I may extend this challenge for another 30 days. After all, it is getting warm out – my favorite kind of weather is on its way.

One thought on “Road to Recovery – GOAL!”

    GOD puts us exactly where he wants us to be. I had met Danelle earlier in my grooming career approx a year after her opening NCGIA. Man I was intrigued by the CAT GROOMING thing, so I invested money on DVDS, Membership and I sat on them in stagnation. Many years later as many more NCGIA chapters progressed, I decided I better do this NOW, while I can before it’s too, late. I have been given a gift, this skill and education I have is priceless to me, now! I had some of the tools before as I let them get dusty in my closet for many years. Well let me tell ya’ an Old Dog can learn new tricks. I know God’s reasoning for me to attend the NCGIA this year, it was in his timing. And it has been PURRFECT!
    AliCia Ellis
    NCGIA Graduate & CFMG

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