Private Training

Danelle offers private training to groomers at their own salons or facilities as well as group training set up to accommodate customized needs.

Please plan ahead, allowing 8-12 months on average, when scheduling a training session. For more information, please contact Danelle through email or submit a request for private training here.

Private and group instruction is for all levels of cat grooming, with structured programs set up for:
Beginner cat groomers
Intermediate cat groomers
Certification prep
Advanced/CFMG cat groomers

Also, check out Danelle’s Business Intensive program for both CFMGs and non-CFMGs to help dial in very specific goals, to correctly identify and overcome obstacles, to determine best practices for managing time and money, and to help achieve a more balanced work/live schedule for avoiding burnout. The Business Intensive program is done remotely, so there is no need to travel. Find out more here.



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